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Digitalizing data collection, management, and distribution.

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eSOP suite

The struggle with papers, excel sheets and sticky notes stops now

By digitally empowering the workforce, the eSOP product suite enables a smooth shift from paper to digital for real-time visibility and reporting, reliability, safety and retrievability of checklist and batch manufacturing data.

Why eSOP

Industries are embracing eSOP fast

eSOP has been designed to make form and record filling procedures real-time, reliable and accessible on the go. It also cuts down a great chuck of cost by eliminating printing and storage cost of paper-based documents. It addresses numerous challenges for the industrial enterprises:

  • Paper-based checklist and forms
  • Difficult to access and retrieve data
  • High storage cost of paper-based documents
  • Possibility of human error and data tempering in forms and manufacturing records
  • Timely analytics not possible due to inaccessible data
  • No real-time visibility of tasks performed & batch status
  • Manufacturing batches prone to product quality errors
A perfect combo

A suite comprising two powerful products – eChecklist and eBMR



eChecklist is the much-needed replacement for paper-based forms and checklists. The product distributes, collects and stores information which the admins can access from a single location. It connects departments for real-time assigning and approval processes and seamless data management.

The product boasts a simple interface with top-notch functionalities. Since it works on no code, even non-SMEs can use it for creating forms through the templates and deploying them instantly.

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EBMR (1)


Electronic Batch Manufacturing Record (eBMR) delivers operational benefits to manufacturers. It facilitates efficient workflow management by giving end-to-end visibility of the production value chain.

The enhanced visibility across manufacturing processes and electronic data management helps manufacturers expedite the cycle times, lower the number of bad batches and reduce waste. Eventually, eBMR plays a crucial role in saving costs and increasing revenue.

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