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The Chemical industry is one of the primary process industries. The industry manufactures products which touch our daily lives. Many of the products are hazardous, so proper control of the manufacturing process and the entire supply chain are necessary.

Ecubix Smart factory and Smart Channel solutions are best fits for addressing these challenges faced by the chemical industry. Our Industry 4.0 solutions for agrochemical industry are specifically beneficial in empowering you to meet compliance and product quality while optimizing overall manufacturing efficiency.

Challenges of the Hour

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Safety, environmental compliance & reporting requirements are demanding. We help increase throughput and maximize yield and safe energy for continuous and batch processes.

Raw Materials

Rising material costs & tightening margins are giving lower returns while increasing demands. With increased asset reliability, manufacturing efficiency and availability, Ecubix solutions help the industry thrive.

Product Quality

Product quality and repeatability in continuous and batch processes are crucial for sales as well as input costing. Our solutions contribute to compliance and quality accuracy for both.


The industry has to deal with hefty transportation charges for finished goods, which poses an even more significant challenge due to the competition. Our digital solutions help optimize asset utilization, resulting in cost reduction.


Our solutions enable

Hazard recognition

  • Runaway reaction detection
  • Reactor/exchanger fouling notification
  • Quantitative leak detection
  • Corrosion monitoring/notification
  • Event detection from failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) and process hazard analysis (PHA)
  • Emission monitoring and control
  • Cybersecurity

Regulatory compliance

  • Continuous environmental monitoring system (CEMS) history
  • Flaring event detection/notification
  • Water outfall monitoring
  • NOX/SOX/carbon abatement system monitoring
  • Compliance reporting system
  • Structural Integrity
  • Incident Management
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Interlock Management

Process optimization

  • Batch tracking/management & use of ISA batch structure
  • Operating limit run rule monitoring and notification
  • Real-time integration with quality data
  • Integration with simulations for real-time comparison
  • Tracking of tank inventory for process flow decision making
  • Real-time energy and material Checks & balances
  • Manual operator round collection

Operational intelligence

  • Automated KPI calculation
  • Unit/site/enterprise aggregation
  • Integration to advanced analytics and business intelligence platforms
  • Energy Efficiency, Analytics, KPIs & Reporting
  • Increased yields & Batch consistency
  • MES integration & Globalization

Asset health

  • Conditional data collection and history
  • Integration with maintenance systems (CMMS) for automated work order and preventive
  • maintenance input
  • Asset Maintenance Costs
  • Monitoring Asset Health & Performance

Cost Optimisation & and OEE correction

  • Manual equipment inspections
  • Asset Reliability & Availability
  • Loss tracking and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculation
  • Value Chain optimization
  • Carbon Accounting

Connected workers

  • Context-aware and location-based monitoring
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Safer operations
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The Chemical Industry’s Digital Transformation will assist extend equipment life and reduce downtime. Utilize our Industry 4.0 Solutions to abide your chemical industry’s smart facilities.


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