Metal & Mining Industry

Metal & Mining

The Beginning Of Transformation With Digital Mining

The mining industry is volatile and consistent; digitization for metal industry and efficient performance are necessary for survival. Mining firms reduce complexity and improve commercial and operational efficiency with digital technologies. The digital solutions by ecubix lead to the optimization of the entire asset lifecycle, reliability and increased workforce safety.

The industry ultimately benefits from gathering, analysing and getting insights from engineering data. With such outcomes, Ecubix solutions empower enterprises to manage the supply chain more efficiently, helping them cut costs.

Challenges of the Hour

Prominent challenges in Mining & Metals Industry


Data silos and lack of integration across the value chain, with numerous information systems, not integrated, affect the visibility of the bigger picture, affecting productivity. Our digital solutions bring accurate time information/data, enabling operators to take quick actions resulting in significant productivity improvements.

Environmental health & safety

Coping with the newly introduced regulations and environmental compliance are challenges for the firms, esp. when operating in harsh conditions. Ecubix helps implement conditions monitoring on specific compliance regulations helping improve situational awareness and integrate disparate data sources for reporting and audits.

Asset performance and reliability

Being an asset-intensive industry, increasing the machine’s uptime comes with a considerable cost. Our solutions help you combine real-time operational data with asset analytics so your maintenance switches from reactive to predictive. We also help you start your journey toward prescriptive maintenance.

Energy and waste management

Monitoring and managing the spending on energy and water, which make up the significant cost components, is difficult for firms due to the lack of a single source of information. Our solutions give you real-time information on what consumes most energy or water, helping you identify leaks and/or even equipment that should not be running.


Our solutions enable

Process productivity

  • Remote operations
  • Real-time / condition process monitoring
  • Ad-hoc visualization / real-time trending
  • Material flow, pacing, & supply chain

Energy & water

  • Real-time energy & water monitoring
  • Reduce fuel / coal / propane consumption
  • Mobile equipment fuel efficiency

Environment health & safety

  • Real-time environment, health, & safety monitoring
  • Governmental regulations
  • Accidents & incidents
  • Compliance & audit

Quality assurance

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Root-cause analysis & prevention of excursions
  • Genealogy / product history
  • Yield improvement

KPIs & reporting

  • Plant-wide to enterprise visibility
  • Common definitions & calculations
  • Benchmarking & comparison
  • Dashboards & KPI reporting

Connected workers

  • Context-aware and location-based monitoring
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Safer operations
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The automated, data-driven solutions from ecubix can help your Metal & Mining Industry increase output and revenues.


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