‘Smart’ Strides For Pharmaceutical With Smart Solutions

The Pharma industry deals with a unique set of challenges that demand digitization. The challenges including growing healthcare needs, more stringent regulations, and continuously increasing competition, can be addressed with Industry 4.0 solutions for pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma 4.0 incorporates cutting-edge and practical digital features while adhering to the present Pharmaceutical Quality System. With the help of ecubix’s seamless solutions, pharmaceutical companies can step into operational excellence and reduce the compliance burden.


Challenges of the Hour

Prominent challenges faced by Pharma Industry

Regulatory Compliance

Reporting the correct data to the regulatory entities is the biggest challenge for any pharmaceutical manufacturing entity. Enabling 21 CFR compliance, our solutions help the industry provide accurate documentation.

Patient Demand

More and more demand for drugs is coming from 3rd world countries as they advance their health care infrastructure. These nations’ limited paying capacity puts pressure on pharmaceutical companies’ cost structures. Our digital solutions bring much-needed manufacturing efficiency, resource optimization, and tightly controlled wastage and costs.

Quality Control

No other industry has more importance on quality assurance than pharmaceutical, as the product touches human life. Our digital solutions help Pharma industries fulfil their commercial but humanitarian responsibility.


Our solutions enable


  • cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity
  • Validation
  • Standard vs. Custom
  • Implementing CPV


  • Paper Records
  • Manual Data
  • Data Integration
  • Time & Resources
  • EBR & RBE


  • QbD & Design Space
  • Data Normalization & Standards
  • Change Over
  • Right First Time (RFT)
  • Risk Assessment


  • Real-time Decisions
  • Integration with ERP/MES Level Systems (Level 3,4)
  • Maintenance management
  • OEE

Connected workers

  • Context-aware and location-based monitoring
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Safer operations
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The automated, data-driven solutions from ecubix can help your Pharmaceuticals Industry increase output and revenues.


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