Integrate OT with IT Solution

Integrate OT with IT

Reliable operational data management system

Integrate all OT with IT to enable accurate data analytics and use for better decision-making – We think that data-savvy individuals can change the world. But with the right equipment, they can complete this considerably more quickly. The lifeblood of our firm is data from real-time operations. Currently, data volume, variety, and velocity are exploding at an unprecedented rate.

Smart Factory Integrate OT with IT


  • sfsfab-ul-icon Maximizing output and uptime while maintaining a high standard.
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Lowering both capex and opex.
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Reducing the cost and duration of maintenance
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Safeguarding the health and safety of employees
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Safeguarding the health and safety of employees
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Work within the constrained path that ever-growing regulations allow.
Potential Outcomes

Experience the power of Operational Data

Industrial experts throughout the world rely on the PI System every day to enhance operational efficiency, safeguard health and safety, keep the lights on, and generally make things operate more smoothly.

Asset Health

Utilize condition-based maintenance to get the most out of your equipment and cut expenditures.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy consumption by using real-time data. Unlock significant savings.

Process Optimization

Constant process improvement through operational tweaks and improvements.

Quality tracking

Using the appropriate data, comprehend and monitor quality. Consider each step of the production process in detail.

Compliance & sustainability

Utilize predictive analytics to streamline compliance. Create sustainable business practices for the benefit of all.

Safety & resilience

Real-time data is provided by the PI System to aid in preventing accidents and workplace injuries.

A Dream Solution

Ecubix offers data lake services to transform raw data into wiser business decisions.

  • white-icon We are vendor independent, so we may gather and store data from any source.
  • white-icon To make raw data usable, arrange it and add context.
  • white-icon By integrating any running IT system with OT data, operations and business can share data.
  • white-icon Receive personalized notifications and instantly visualize a limitless amount of data.
Why Smart Factory Solution?

What specific ways does data help an enterprise gain a competitive edge?

A single stream of truth allows for the integration of the whole management layer. This guarantees smooth data transfer and eliminates any chance of misunderstandings between management layers.

System Process

How does an organization expand once Industry 4.0 has been implemented?

  • white-icon Through the data stream they can trust one gets a system of record for all operations.
  • white-icon A source for continuous operational intelligence.
  • white-icon Our system starts with real-time, streaming data, and puts it into contextualized visualization as per the need.
  • white-icon Our customers then align their daily operations with larger corporate initiatives and strategy
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Our data and analytics spectrum looks like this

Advanced Features

What can you expect with PI System Solution?

Round the clock tech support

We’re accessible every day of the year. because business is still conducted on weekends. Our engineers were always available for support, not even for an hour during Covid.

Dedicated customer success managers

Who come back to you to ensure that our clients achieve their development goals and who tailor tailored plans and adjustment requests with complete technical clarity.

Qualified engineers

Who have in-depth knowledge of OT systems and the problems associated with their integration with IT systems.

Rigorous training

On-site or virtual classes with instructors delivered at the client’s location for readily comprehend the procedures.

A vibrant international community

Expertise to your organization by bringing our Industry Experts who have more than three decades of experience installing the system and get details of benefits obtained from its application.

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