Smart Factory Solutions

Smart Factory Solutions

On the path of Intelligent Manufacturing

The globally competitive marketplace makes it imperative for manufacturing organizations to become more efficient, flexible, responsive, and always function at optimum levels. All of these endeavours require a wealth of data to be pulled from across the factory, processed, and presented to the right people in the factory at the right time to enable rapid response. It enables accurate decisions, whether related to operations, asset management or quality management of the final product.

This is where Ecubix Smart Factory solutions come in. As a value-added reseller and implementer of Aveva’s PI system, Ecubix brings in a wealth of experience and expertise in factory digitalization, ensuring data authenticity, OT cybersecurity solutions, and deployment of AI/ML tools to enable advanced descriptive and predictive analytics. Ecubix Smart Factory solutions not only help manufacturing entities improve their efficiency but also helps them improve their ESG performance through monitoring of emissions, reducing paper usage in factory operations, and energy optimization.

Ecubix not only implements PI system and allied analytics, but it also provides support to the customer throughout the lifecycle of the product to ensure that the customers derive the maximum benefit and returns out of their investment. Ecubix can also run a ‘data control center’ to ensure that the manufacturing entity’s most critical real-time data is always authentic and flows without any disruptions.


Everything all at once, automated!

Ecubix is active in factory improvement through industrial automation processes in a variety of applications. The manufacturing solution from Ecubix will generally include:

PI Implementation

PI System offers structured services for system implementation, integration, setup, and customisation.

Allied Services

Creating apps for advanced data analytics, automated reports, chatbots, and other services to integrate with the PI system for processing data in real-time.

Effective Support

With an onsite-offshore architecture, cost-efficient and prompt functional and technical support is provided for the PI system internationally.

Why Smart Factory ?

Make profound impact in enterprise through technology

In order to satisfy particular target solutions and adhere to industry standards, we develop industrial design criteria that will fulfil the liable purpose of Smart Factory solutions.

Batch and Hybrid Process Operations

Batch and Hybrid Process Operations

  • sfsfab-ul-icon Reduced costs
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Safeguarding quality
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Maximizing Asset Utilization & Sustainability
Workflow Management

Workflow Management

  • sfsfab-ul-icon Increased Team productivity
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Digital Workflow management
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Enhance visibility through Team collaboration
Continuous Process Operations

Continuous Process Operations

  • sfsfab-ul-icon Maximize profits based on Real-time information
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Optimize material movements & reduce quality giveaway
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Improved Customer satisfaction across the entire value chain
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

  • sfsfab-ul-icon Real-time data capture and analysis enable Asset health and maintenance
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Maximize Asset output and efficiency
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Increased overall machine quality, productivity and efficiency
Optimize Operations

Optimize Operations

  • sfsfab-ul-icon Optimize performance across your operational lifecycle
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Deliver maximum value
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Our integrated solutions allow monitoring and control


  • sfsfab-ul-icon Achieve complete visibility and transparency through IOT and IT -OT integration
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Capturing and store real-time data
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Analyzing the trends and behavior for making informed decision
Key Features

Generating highly digitized and connected environment

With the assurance of 21 CFR part 11 compliance, work on-site with customers to assess problems, assess current status, and offer accurate responses, which are our main objectives to be covered in this scenario.

  • Real-time data capture
  • Vendor agnostic Data historian
  • Complete visibility
  • Process Insights
  • Optimized quality processes
  • Asset Optimization
  • Lower Costs
  • Safety and Sustainability
  • Data analytics and trends
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
Success Stories

Flexibility in expertise combined with a wealth of experience

We assist clients from a range of industries in overcoming their business issues. Without a doubt, the success of our clientele is something of which we can be proud.

Our Key Clients

Enterprises who have capitalized on our Industry 4.0 solutions

At Ecubix, it’s not limited to delivering a solution to our clients. It’s about addressing pain-points and delivering value, ensuring sustained outcomes for issues that matter.

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