Smart Supply Chain Solutions

Smart Supply Chain Solutions

Say Hello To Cost Reduction, Enhanced Visibility, Improved Reliability & Optimum Pipeline Inventory

Unexpected delays, inefficient collaboration, lack of sync in the flow of data across the supply chain and increasing complexity due to multiple channels to market are some of the prominent issues faced in supply chain management.

The Ecubix Smart Supply Chain Solutions enables logistics providers to optimize the utilization of their fleet management capacity, automated warehousing operation, and centralized monitoring of shipment. It is a quick and reliable approach to that develop smart logistics applications with our Integrated Logistics Solution.

Our architecture integrates all relevant assets, including asset management software, logistics solutions, and weighbridge automations for tracking and management of the entire logistics infrastructure as a single business unit. It is capable of seamless integration with ERP, third party applications, and various hardware components like RFID, Boom barriers, LED, Weigh Bridges, GPS, containers, equipment, vehicles, and employees.


Control and monitor shipments and vehicles


Possibility of increasing throughput for a crowded weighbridge

Prevent downtime

Examine and review each asset’s maintenance history


A Straightforward smart supply chain paramount

Ecubix offers highly competent support services that are among the best available on the market and are delivered by seasoned professionals in the domains of IoT, Big Data, embedded development, and enterprise solution.

Integrated Logistics Solution

A single integrated platform for logistics management and shipping activities is called the Integrated Logistic Solution (ILS).

Automated Weighbridge System

A fully automatic RFID-based solution for precise vehicle WB operation is provided by Automated Weighbridge Solution (AWS).

Asset Management Solution

Workflows in the Asset Management Solution (AMS) automate all of your assets’ lifecycles. It keeps track of the financial, legal, and inventory information for each type of equipment and asset.


Facilitating Efficient & Intelligent Management Of Supply Chain

Reengineer and digitally revolutionize your industrial supply chain. Our Smart Supply Chain solutions help you develop a data-driven mindset through real-time knowledge, empowering you to make better decisions.

Shipment Planning & Execution

  • Seamless integration with ERP/ SAP
  • Track & Improve vehicle TAT
  • Integrate RFID, Boom barrier, Weigh Bridge, Tower Lights for smooth plant operation

Transporter Evaluation & Allocation

  • Models to evaluate transporter performance
  • Auto allocation of orders based on ranking to transporter
  • Intelligent Allocation Rules engine to reallocate to another transporter

Vehicle Allocation

  • Transporter get email notification on assigned shipments
  • Allowing Transporter to Accept, Plan and Reject action on shipment
  • Transporter assign vehicle, GPS device and fill the deriver details

Shipment Tracking

  • Seamless integration with GPS provider
  • Near real time on road shipment tracking
  • Auto CGI/CGO based on geofencing

Transporter Claim

  • Transporter can view claim status: approved/ rejected/ under review
  • Claim approval on time
  • Payment release information
  • E-Way bill integration

War Room

  • A centralized control room for tracking and monitoring the shipment
Key Features

Give your manpower the technological prowess

Wonderful characteristics of smart supply chains that prepare you to deal with disruptions through our integrated logistics solution, automated weighbridge system and asset management solution.

  • Dispatch Planning
  • A centralized control room for tracking and monitoring the shipment
  • Auto Shipment Allocation based on KPI score
  • ePOD: When shipment arrive in customer geo fencing area system send SMS to confirm the delivery done
  • Modular structure to meet site requirements as required
  • Better control to avoid tanker/truck skipping of weight in and weight out
  • Opportunity to increase efficiency
  • Checks unauthorized entry of vehicles by using boom barrier.
  • Easy integration with other existing system like IPOS, TOS, SAP etc.
  • Get notified about an issue with the asset through the ticketing system
  • Quickly run reports to keep a track of your assets' value and warranty status
  • Inspect and review all maintenance records for any piece of asset
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