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Enhancing Operational Intelligence In Oil And Gas

The oil and gas industry seeks agility and sustainability throughout the asset and operations lifecycles. The safety of workers at the industrial facility, asset management, and lack of operational efficiency in the Oil and gas industry calls for the implementation of Industry 4.0. However, it comes with challenges due to the industry’s resistance to change.

Oil and gas operations are widely dispersed, leading to a need for more relevant data available. Industries widely adopt IoT, AI, advanced analytics, robotics, and other technologies to address unplanned downtime through predictive analysis. Our solutions deliver production data in real-time to the appropriate decision-makers for economic, successful, future-focused operations of the sector.

Challenges of the Hour

Prominent challenges faced by Oil & Gas Industry

Stringent regulations

As a significant water and energy consumer, meeting environmental regulations is challenging for the industry. Our solutions contribute by optimizing water and energy usage and ensuring transparency in all activities.

Optimizing performance

The already higher operating cost of the industry is significantly impacted by downtime and inadequate process yields. Ecubix solutions optimize the throughput and reduce energy consumption for cost-cutting.

Reducing cost

To remain competitive, firms must conduct operations at a lower cost. We help optimize production systems, environmental utilities, and overall production efficiency.


Our solutions enable

Management of communications

  • Upstream insights
  • Midstream insight
  • Downstream activities

Detailed Reporting

  • Address safety concerns
  • Environmental compliance
  • Legal needs

Predictive Analytics

  • Alerts before the need to repair
  • Notifications of operating changes
  • Avoids replacement

Clarity on all field assets

  • Works on legacy and modern systems
  • Irrespective of location – central or out in the field

Connected workers

  • Context-aware and location-based monitoring
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Safer operations
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