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Track The Performance Of Your Entire Supply Channel, Right Upto The End Users

The visibility of a product across its lifecycle from factory to the end user remains a mystery for most manufacturers and distributors. The availability of proven insights on product consumption can not only provide a new perspective to manufacturers, but also empower the sales and customer support teams.

The need for control and visibility through Smart Channel Solutions are also driven by margin protection, inventory optimization, brand loyalty enhancement, and regulation.

The solution suite is already helping businesses in Asia Pacific address problems regarding liquidation, brand loyalty, serialization, and traceability. When you know exactly what is occurring, thanks to our Smart Channel technology, it ultimately helps you improve client satisfaction.

Liquidation & Consumption

Monitoring and analysis of liquidation and consumption based on secure QR codes

Empower Sales Team

Use digital reporting to empower the team

Enhanced Customer Service

Comprehensive Customer Care Solution improved client services

Smart Channel that is more sustainable and socially responsible

In order to offer a range of smart experiences, Ecubix’s value proposition for the customer experience includes sophisticated smart channel technologies as well as a more ethical and practical conscious channel system.

Track & Trace

Track Stock Movement across all the distribution points with near real time stock visibility.

Sales Management

Visibility of sales activities done at Consumer and with channel partners.

Retailer Segmentation

Segment retailer and channel partners using six sigma model to ensure right balance of Reach, Coverage, Engagement & range.

Customer Engagement

End user application with product information, vouchers claim, rewards gamification like spin wheel, lottery, and points redemption.


Unlocking the tailored Smart channel experience

The need for you to have more control and visibility through smart services in your channel are rapidly growing as a result of margin protection, inventory optimization, brand loyalty enhancement, and regulation.

End to End Solution

We offer a whole range of services, from business advising to helping clients implement their ideas successfully.

Implementation & Training

Implementing the system and providing user training using cutting-edge tools like eLearning, tutorials, use cases, and user manuals would enable improved utilization.

Effective Support

The Ecubix Smart Channel’s most crucial service, with an email ticketing system to manage all inquiries and highly qualified support engineers, is support.

some interesting numbers

Numbers Speak

Our global reach, depicted in these numbers, shows our capabilities to be the best in business and maintain successful client interaction through the years.




Plant/Toller/ Warehouse



1.5+ M

Consumers connected


New Consumers added/year


Digital innovation for smart & sustainable channel transformation

Transforming the channel management through Track & Track, Sales Management, Retailer Segmentation and Customer Engagement helps receive a range of benefits for the manufacturers and distributors.

Optimize your Inventory

Optimize your Inventory

  • Identify true inventory needs
  • Real time stock visibility
  • Meet new market demands
  • Prevent demand-supply volatility
Boost Brand loyalty

Boost Brand loyalty

  • Unique promotion schemes
  • Fair distribution of Rewards
  • Increased sales
  • MTD, YTD earning visibility
Make Compliance Easier

Make Compliance Easier

  • Express on boarding
  • Comply with Global directives
  • Product/Data Security
  • Product serialization
Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

  • Single channel for all customer queries
  • Targeted campaigns to increase reach to consumers
  • Support to field officers for tour planning
Know your customers

Know your customers

  • Ensure right balance of Reach-Width-Depth
  • Get desired Market share
  • Action plan to Grow/Protect/Penetrate/De-focus
Detect Counterfeit

Detect Counterfeit

  • Instant stock verification
  • Item level traceability
  • Cloud integration
  • Digital record of delivery
Key Features

Sharpen your competitive edge with Smart Channel

Our Smart Channel suite assists top enterprises in overcoming difficulties related to liquidation, consumption, serialization, and traceability through a spectrum of features

  • Automatic “Sales Forecasting” capturing through Android application
  • Accurate Demand Planning
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Automate everyday tasks for Field Team
  • Improved analytical field data and reporting
  • Loyalty program for your consumers and retailers
  • Real time stock visibility and track and trace from Toller till Retailer
  • Anti-counterfeit ready
Success Stories

Flexibility in expertise combined with a wealth of experience

We assist clients from a range of industries in overcoming their business issues. Without a doubt, the success of our clientele is something of which we can be proud.

Our Key Clients

Enterprises who have capitalized on our Industry 4.0 solutions

At Ecubix, it’s not limited to delivering a solution to our clients. It’s about addressing pain-points and delivering value, ensuring sustained outcomes for issues that matter.

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