Channel Performance Management

Managing channel with CPM is in a class by itself.

Channel Performance Management

Implement consistent channel strategies at scale

Monitoring the performance of a channel has been a long-standing challenge for industries. While there have been products developed for track and trace, the much-needed insights that help strategize have been lacking.

Ecubix’s Channel Performance Management (CPM) is a power-packed tool, delivering a wide spectrum of features that not only help you define, manage and measure strategic objectives, but also come in very handy for engaging the customers and supporting your sales teams.

Industry challenges

CPM addresses a range of challenges, apparent or hidden

  • Insufficient visibility of product lifecycle & customer buying behavior
  • Unable to product/maintain stock as per consumer demand
  • Lack of single location data summarizing entire business
  • Lack of data to support and drive sales
  • Running a loyalty program based on insights
  • Lack of insights to develop product strategy
  • Counterfeit products in the market

Working like a charm for many






Head office employees




Planning to execution, it’s a walk in the park

Why you need CPM

Know your market, check performance, make unbeatable strategies

Thanks to the versatility of its uses, apart from CPM, you need absolutely no other product for managing your channel. Increase penetration by up to 30% with:

  • End-to-end channel monitoring for better product strategies
  • Customer engagement through loyalty points
  • Employee empowerment with relevant data that can boost sales
  • Knowledge of counterfeit with a QR code that’s unique in every packaging

Curious about the capabilities?

From the toller to a consumer, get complete visibility of the product and define strategic objectives.

For a warehouse

  • Check details of any product
  • End-to-end stock visibility for better management
  • Full insights into purchases and dispatches
  • Label tracing from toller to consumer
  • ‘Find your box’ feature
  • Initiate Cancel DO/Damage/Return
  • Address customer grievances

For a distributor/retailer

  • Complete Track & Trace capabilities
  • Loyalty points on liquidation for sell
  • End-to-end stock visibility for better management
  • Full insights into purchases and dispatches
  • Dispatch management for sales summary
  • Track assigned product schemes with Point Master
  • Notifications for subsequent actions – stock in, expiry, schemes assigned, etc
  • Retailer KYC (for distributors)
  • Management level reports like sales by distributors
  • Know the hot-selling products
  • Address customer grievance
  • Manufacturers can check retailer performance (sales, target, achievement) for deciding schemes

For a consumer

  • Unique QR per product packaging till SKU level
  • Visibility of how many times a product was scanned for knowledge about counterfeit
  • Notify companies about any suspicious activity
  • Access to loyalty program after scanning
  • Receive points and redeem them seamlessly

Have we given you enough reasons to choose CPM?

CPM by ecubix is both online and offline functioning capabilities. All you need to ensure is that the data has been synchronized, and you’re good to work offline. Quite handy, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it’s the modules that steal the show for CPM. With these modules, you can define loyalty programs and engagement programs according to the data captured from the initiatives, which is quite insightful in developing strategies that work.

  • Customer Engagement Modules
  • Employee Engagement Modules
  • Serialization for efficient product tracking
  • Manage reverse logistics
  • Production forecasting
  • Pre-built reports
  • Easy 3rd party API integration
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