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A Complete Smart Channel Solution for new-edge Industries

Achieve unique traceability of each SKU, ensure counterfeit control, and channel marketing expenses to gain visibility of daily sales from retail stores to the final consumers. Our smart track and trace solution becomes an essential tool for product traceability in FMCG, that helps with:

  • sfsfab-ul-icon Hardware & software for digital traceability that guarantees solutions giving a business real-time insight into the health of its supply chain
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Aids in outbreak prevention (Cross geography sales, forge sales, helps prevent misuse of loyalty program)
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Assists in promptly locating pollution sources (Customers, Employees, Products)
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Manages product recalls more quickly and effectively.
A Pandora Box

The Track & Trace feature on Ecubix Smart Platform gives

  • white-icon Installing or renting digital traceability hardware and ecubix software, which enables the provision of solutions for real-time insight into the state of health of a company's supply chain and serves as the functional core of any firm, is the first step.
  • white-icon Once this information begins to flood onto the marketing desk's laptops, it will be used to develop a system of loyalty programs that spans the entire channel, right down to the end user. the audience we actually want to reach.
  • white-icon It also helps stop the misuse of loyalty programs and the outbreak of cross-geographical sales.
  • white-icon Assist in promptly locating and tracing contamination sources (customers, employees, and products) and managing product recalls quickly and effectively without market theft.
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Be Worryfree for Inventory

Accurate Inventory management

An organization can optimize one of its most capital-intensive assets with the use of the track and trace technology. the stock of completed items. How is this accomplished?

  • white-icon By offering information necessary for precise demand forecasts, which in turn enables the planning of production and RM purchases.
  • white-icon Improve your workforce planning to deliver timely, accurate, and efficient client service.
  • white-icon Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and warehouses place a high importance on this aspect.
  • white-icon The technique is crucial in situations where demand forecasting and inventory optimization may face several difficulties, for instance, when a product has a brief life cycle and is used for human or animal consumption
Supply chain Tracking Solution

One of the most significant capabilities offered by Ecubix track and trace solution

  • sfsfab-ul-icon One can extract detailed data thanks to the end-to-end traceability technology offered. We may track and trace a product's history and origin by analyzing this.
  • sfsfab-ul-icon lessens the workload for warehouse operations
  • sfsfab-ul-icon aids in generating visibility for management to facilitate better production and resource planning, gives information to improve sales visibility and planning
  • sfsfab-ul-icon Individual and compiled stock visibility to facilitate better transportation planning and speed up material delivery
  • sfsfab-ul-icon One should fix the supply chain's weak links after identifying them. Additionally, it transforms a product tracking solution into a tool for customer involvement.
  • Helps track accurate product maps using the system's tracking capabilities.
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Value-added Solutions
Anti-Counterfeit solution

Anti-Counterfeit solution

  • sfsfab-ul-icon You can safeguard your brand, keep customers safe, and increase brand trust by using secure packaging and authentication capabilities. Also, customers can use the solution to verify the legitimacy of the product, which promotes organization confidence.
SKU Tracking

SKU Tracking:

  • sfsfab-ul-icon By printing and pasting an RFID or QR code on the SKU, this method allows for SKU tracking at the product level.
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