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Smart Sales Solution

Delivering care Smartly

Without calling patients to your hospital, Ecubix’s Smart Tele Consulting enables you to follow up with patients for all appointments and visits. Additionally, it assists you in identifying patients who require clinic visits in person.

Smart Sales - Pharma Smart Tele Consulting Solution


  • Software or a system for online consultations for seamless consulting with doctors.
  • Online registration is required for both patients and medical representatives to contact doctors.
Why Smart Tele Consulting Solution?

Tele-consultation made easy

Advanced Patient Engagement will be made possible by Smart Tele Consulting Solution, which will also put a stop to scheduling issues. Online appointment scheduling is available for patients at the times that the doctors have designated, but their practice retains full control. Creating a schedule only requires a few keystrokes.

Book Appointment

  • Book Doctor’s appointment Online and Onsite along with online payment facility
  • Patient and Medical Representative can book their appointment as per doctors' availability

Doctor - Patient Consultancy

  • Doctor can consult patient through Online and patient can describe the concern
  • Doctor can prescribe including medicine, dosage, drug along with the frequency of medicine

Doctor – Medical Representative or MR Online Meeting organizer

  • Doctor can schedule meeting time for MR
  • MR can take appointment and over video call MR can share the screen to doctor for product promotion.
  • Dashboard for Analytical view
  • Doctor wise Total Appointment, past consultation data, Patient details and many more detail reports are available at an easy access to the user.
Smart Sales Solutions Add-ons

Any information, at any time, anywhere!

From reporting to billing, and learning to have an insight on your sales smartly, the range of solutions from Ecubix will be your Smart handbook indeed.

Smart Reporting Solution

Reduces the manual activities performed by Sales Admin, MR & Marketing departments.

Smart Billing Solution

Manages inventory, stock movement. Also provides a platform to forecast the demand for replenishment planning.

Smart Learning Solution

Allows the user to design and administer customized employee training and assessment modules.

Smart Scanning Solution 

Allows the field staff to do away with dual entry of data once in a stock sheet in writing and then in the software system.

Smart Integration Solution

Integrates with ERP systems and creates visibility from the lowest management level till the top level one.

Smart Insight Solution

Collects data and presents it in an analytical form.

Smart HRMS & Payroll Solution

Manages employees’ attendance & leaves, Generates salary assistance and provides analytical reports.

Smart Tele Consulting Solution

Online Consultancy system for doctor’s appointment and consultancy.

Why Smart Factory ?

Smart Consultancy User Wise Features

Depending on the roles, the features offered by our products can be modified for convenience, usage and expected outcomes.

ssu-img Admin
  • Hospital clinic & Branch master
  • Speciality Master
  • Specially Wise, Time Sloat, Allocation
  • Other master: Company, Medicine, Dosage, Timeslot, Branch, Payment
ssu-img Overall
  • Simple login process
  • Dashboard view for details
  • Analytical reports
ssu-img MR
  • Book an appointment online or onsite
  • Online video/audio conferencing with a doctor
  • Share screen to show the product details
ssu-img Patient
  • Easy to book appointment
  • Option to select from different hospital, branch & doctor
  • Online or onsite appointment facility
  • Online consultancy & get prescription
ssu-img Doctor
  • Day-wise time slot selection
  • Time slot for patient & MR
  • Payment & refund facility
  • Today’s & Past appointment lists with details
  • Online prescription with patients details
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