Machine Learning Suite

Your operations data talks; are you ready to listen to it?

ML Suite

Powerful ML suite to collect, analyze and generate data effortlessly

Companies generate a considerable amount of data which is then utilized to extract valuable insights through machine learning (ML). Such insights are incredibly beneficial in operations, maintenance and making predictions. However, implementation of ML is often seen as a challenge due to the lack of hardware to assist data modelling, inflexible business models, unavailability of experts, etc.

Ecubix ML Suite works splendidly in all industries and domains where real-time data is generated. It addresses the challenges mentioned above and simplifies the implementation of ML in your organization. The best part is that you do not require a highly skilled technician to capitalize on our ML suite.


Industry challenges ML Suite takes head-on

  • Difficult configuration of models
  • Lack of test run options for successful installations
  • Working on constraints due to missing customization options
  • Lack of skilled experts required for implementation

Production-grade ML suite for effortless configuration of algorithms

Implementing ML is a simple, three-step process with Ecubix ML suite.


Delivering a rich spectrum of benefits

Ecubix ML suite can be utilized by anyone, at any skill level. Start making the most out of your data in no time with ML Suite.

  • User/role-based access
  • One-time setup of model configuration
  • Facilitates seamlessly predictive analysis
  • Easy usage – upload and manage
  • Works online & offline

Novel features, prominent impact

  • Open for customization so you don’t play under restrictions
  • Flexible connectivity with the source server
  • Easily configurable modelling
  • Complete user access management

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