Pharma Billing & Distribution Solutions

Pharma Billing & Distribution Solutions

Take expert control of your pharmaceutical distribution channel

The sales distribution component of the pharmaceutical supply chain is covered by the Pharma Billing and Distribution system. In addition to managing inventory and monitoring stock movement, Billing and Distribution solutions also work as a platform for demand forecasting, which aids firms in planning their replenishment strategies. With the appropriate controls in the proper locations, the solution assists in managing the channel partners and enables pharma secondary sales tracking.

Software for pharmaceutical sales and distribution includes features for Purchase/Manufacturing, Stock Transfer, Sales, Billing & Collection, and more. It is possible to apply the Ecubix Pharma Billing & Distribution system at mother warehouses, CFAs/CSAs, super stockists, and warehouses.


Pharma secondary sales tracking software also assists businesses in keeping track of the stock at each location and sends out regular warnings regarding stock movement, expiration dates, and depot breakages.

The Ecubix Pharma Billing and Distributions Software was created keeping the needs and operational procedures of the Pharmaceutical Industry in mind. More than 50 pharmaceutical firms and more than 800 CFA/C&A/Super Stockists in India effectively use the Pharma Billing and Distributions System, which has been available for the past ten years.

Dive into Smartness

Pharma Billing & Distribution System Modules

With Ecubix’s Smart Billing & Distribution System, you can manage your whole supply chain, process orders, monitor inventory, and run your business from anywhere.


  • Purchase Requirement Generation
  • Purchase Inward
  • Purchase Return & Debit Notes

Stock Transfer

  • Factory to Mother Depot/Depot Stock Transfer
  • Stock Transfer Notes Depot to Depot(GDN & GRN)
  • Stock Transfer Requirement Generation from Depot/HO


  • Customer Order
  • Packing Slip Creation Depot & Godown Wise
  • Sales Invoicing with effective Pricing, Tax, Discount, Schemes
  • Sales Return/Breakage/Expiry Credit Notes , Debit Notes

Inventory Management

  • Opening Stock capturing
  • Adjustment of Stock (Product /Batch Level)
  • Conversion of Saleable stock to Samples
  • Stock Hold / Unhold
Sales Invoicing with effective Pricing, Tax, Discount, Schemes

Pharma Billing & Distribution System Features

You can handle orders, keep track of inventory, and manage your whole supply chain using Ecubix’s Pharma Distribution Solution from anywhere.

Payments & Receipt Application

  • Supplier Payment
  • Customer Receipt
  • Credit & Debit Settlement
  • Customer Credit Limit Restrictions
  • Reconciliation of Payments/Receipts

Trade Accounting

  • Accounts & Ledger Maintenance
  • Balance Sheet Generation
  • GP Performance Analysis
  • Journal Vouchers


  • Auto / Manual Backup
  • Statutory Liabilities Management
  • Scheme, Price, Tax masters etc.
  • Bulk Document Printing
  • Authorization control at HO
  • Bank Slip Generation

MIS Reporting

  • Registers
  • Advance Reports
  • Performance Based Analytical Reports

Indenting & Forecast

  • Generate Depot & HO Rolling Forecast for next 3 months
  • Generate depot order from Indent
  • Auto calculated PO


  • Monthly Customer Targets (Division wise Product wise)
  • Analysis of Targets Vs Achievement

Administrative Controls

  • Depot level controls of all transactions (E.g., Modify/Delete after Day end, etc)
  • Purchase Bill value variation limit
  • Scheme, Credit Note, Discount Enable/Disable for Customers
  • Reconciliation, Indenting & other Controls for Depots
Single Solution, Multiple Benefits

Take a sneak-peek into Ecubix’ Pharma Billing & Distribution solution benefits

  • Real-time data availability and analysis are enabled by the offline-online mode
  • Possession of all C&F by the HO admin
  • Work division occurs at all levels
  • HO users' authorization privileges
  • Detailed tracking of all transactions, e.g. Sales order > Packing slip > LR entry > Payment > Return note > Credit / Debit
  • It is simple to work on the system thanks to several utilities like printing, audit trail maintenance, and generating selective reports
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