Smart Insight Solution

Smart Sales Solution

Smart pharma Sales Performance analyzing solution

The function of Smart Insight is to gather data and analyze it before presenting it. With over 100 Pharma customers over the past ten years, this module has been our primary differentiation from other similar packages on the market.

Smart Sales - Smart Insight Solution


  • Utilize data from a variety of sources to create a dashboard for analytical views.
  • Complete and thorough performance data drilling down.
Why Smart Insight Solution?

Smart Insights for Smarter Decisions

Create useful insights from any kind of raw data so that you may make more educated decisions. Utilize a data analytics platform that is AI-driven to get predictable business outcomes.

Data from Various Source

  • Data from various sources can be fetched for analytical reports
  • Connect and Fetch data from different software or different source

Summarized and Detail Level View

  • Summarized and Detail Level View
  • Data featured in clickable Graphs and Charts for better view and better presentations preparations

Drill Down Insights

  • Gives Business Geography wise Drill Down Insights
  • Overall Performance on any Parameter can be analyzed

Analytical Reports

  • Dashboard for Analytical view and state of art analysis.
  • Gives comparison of a well performing and under-performing geography
  • Provides Employee Designation wise analytics
Smart Sales Solutions Add-ons

Any Information, at any time, anywhere!

From reporting to billing, and learning to have an insight on your sales smartly, the range of solutions from ecubix will be your Smart handbook indeed.

Smart Reporting Solution

Reduces the manual activities performed by Sales Admin, MR & Marketing departments.

Smart Billing Solution

Manages inventory, stock movement. Also provides a platform to forecast the demand for replenishment planning.

Smart Learning Solution

Allows the user to design and administer customized employee training and assessment modules.

Smart Scanning Solution

Allows the field staff to do away with dual entry of data once in a stock sheet in writing and then in the software system.

Smart Integration Solution

Integrates with ERP systems and creates visibility from the lowest management level till the top level one.

Smart Insight Solution

Collects data and presents it in an analytical form.

Smart HRMS & Payroll Solution

Manages employees’ attendance & leaves, Generates salary assistance and provides analytical reports.

Smart Tele Consulting Solution

Online Consultancy system for doctor’s appointment and consultancy.

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