Smart Learning

Smart Sales Solution

New way of futuristic training

A user can create and manage unique staff training and evaluation modules for the pharmaceutical business using the cloud-based software called Ecubix Smart Learning.

Smart Sales - Smart Learning Software Solution


  • Module-specific reading materials are available both on the web and on mobile devices.
  • Complete facility for evaluation.
  • The ability to arrange online meetings and share screens online.
Why Smart Learning?

Advancement in the way of learning

Pharma smart learning solution makes it easier to access online content while enhancing the learning process. Technology tools can be a huge help when it comes to learning.

Module Master

  • Module Wise Topic and Sub topic can be created.
  • Module wise reading materials in PPT, Word, Text and image format can be uploaded.
  • Designation-wise and person-wise modules can be configured and customized.

Question and Answer Module

  • Single choice and theoretical questions and answers can be added.
  • Selecting answer type as Text, Image and Text as well as image, both possible.

Exam and Exam Approval

  • Module wise exam can be configured.
  • Exams can be configured designation wise
  • As well as person wise along with the approval process

Online Meetings

  • Online Meeting can be set by HO person and add employees for Meeting
  • Screen can be shared and message facility for online meeting
Smart Sales Solutions Add-ons

Any Information, at any time, anywhere!

From reporting to billing, and learning to have an insight on your sales smartly, the range of solutions from ecubix will be your Smart handbook indeed.

Smart Reporting Solution

Reduces the manual activities performed by Sales Admin, MR & Marketing departments.

Smart Billing Solution

Manages inventory, stock movemen and provides a platform to forecast the demand for replenishment planning.

Smart Scanning Solution

Allows the field staff to do away with dual entry of data once in a stock sheet in writing and then in the software system.

Smart Integration Solution

Integrates with ERP systems and creates visibility from the lowest management level till the top level one.

Smart Insight Solution

Collects data and presents it in an analytical form.

Smart HRMS & Payroll Solution

Manages employees’ attendance & leaves, Generates salary assistance and provides analytical reports.

Smart Tele Consulting Solution

Online Consultancy system for doctor’s appointment and consultancy.

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