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Scan the tracks of Transformation

One of the uncommon interfaces between textual reports and software is provided by the ecubix Smart Scan solutions. The dual entry of data into a stock sheet in writing and the software system is eliminated for the field workers.

Smart Sales - Smart Scan Solution


  • Software for secondary sale entrance
  • Software or solution for stock entering using OCR scanning
  • Reduce manual entry errors and time
Why Smart Scan Solution?

Make intelligent scanning procedures

The elements needed to construct a completely integrated workflow scanning procedure in your business.

Mobile Application

  • Only Mobile Application is required
  • No Additional Attachment is required

OCR Scan

  • Simple and Easy OCR scanning through camera
  • Scan PDF, Image, Excel, text, JPG and PNG files

Configure Fields against scan Fields

  • Select Field name against scan headers by simple clicks.
  • Select Product Name against scanned product
  • names again by simple clicks

Analytical Reports

  • Actual scanned quantity & value against submitted secondary quantity & value
  • Customized view of Primary, Secondary and Closing data
Smart Sales Solutions Add-ons

Any Information, at any time, anywhere!

From reporting to billing, and learning to have an insight on your sales smartly, the range of solutions from ecubix will be your Smart handbook indeed.

Smart Reporting Solution

Reduces the manual activities performed by Sales Admin, MR & Marketing departments.

Smart Billing Solution

Manages inventory, stock movement. Also provides a platform to forecast the demand for replenishment planning.

Smart Learning Solution

Allows the user to design and administer customized employee training and assessment modules.

Smart Scanning Solution

Allows the field staff to do away with dual entry of data once in a stock sheet in writing and then in the software system.

Smart Integration Solution

Integrates with ERP systems and creates visibility from the lowest management level till the top level one.

Smart Insight Solution

Collects data and presents it in an analytical form.

Smart HRMS & Payroll Solution

Manages employees’ attendance & leaves, Generates salary assistance and provides analytical reports.

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