Online MR Reporting Solutions

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Online MR Reporting Solutions

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The Ecubix Online MR and GPRS Reporting software is accessible via SMS, Android, iOS, and Web platforms. Mobile applications can be used both online and offline. There is a Visual Aid Presentation with QR functionality. Medical representatives and managers have access to quick analyses. Any reminder message can be shared via push notifications.

For clear and prompt decision-making, the Online MR Reporting software is equipped with business-intelligent dashboards and notifications at the top level. With the help of these mobile/tablet reporting solutions, the head office has a thorough understanding of their routine work.

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We have more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, enabling MR mobile reporting. Thousands of users use the web, Android, and iOS platforms for reporting system. One one hand, our pharma online MR reporting software enables the field sales team to report their work effectively and the HO team to follow and control field activities with ease, on the other.


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Mobile/Tablet Medical Representative Reporting Software Features

Integrated Web-SMS-Mobile Platforms

Online-Offline Modes for Mobile App

Smart Visual Aid – Build custom presentation

Mobile based Quick Analytics

Nearby Customers View over Map

Auto reminders via SMS & Push Notifications

Why Online MR Reporting Solutions?

Tour Plan

  • Tour Plan Creation & Submission
  • Tour Plan Approval
  • Plan Notification & Calendar

Day Plan

  • Day Planning
  • Start & End Day Tracking

Work & Leave Reporting

  • Doctor , Chemist, Stockist Visit + POB
  • Campaign Doctor Reporting
  • Nearby Customers
  • NW & Leave


  • Expense Submission
  • Expense Approval

Secondary Sales

  • Secondary Sales Entry (Formula wise)
  • Secondary Sales Approval
  • Stockist wise Chemist wise Sales Entry

Doctor Support

  • Doctor Support
  • Doctor Product Support


  • DW Report
  • Target Sales Analysis
  • Call Average Report
  • POB Analysis
  • Day wise Primary Sales
Online MR Reporting Solutions

Other Trustworthy Features

  • GPS tracking
  • On the Go Visibility of Doctor History
  • Start Day & End Day provision available to calculate Google KMS
  • Outstanding report – Integration of FFR & Distribution Software
  • TP Deviation reporting
  • RCPA
  • Photo Capture
  • Online – Offline Reporting
  • Visual Aid – QR Enabled & Custom Visual Aid
  • Day wise Primary Sales – Integration of FFR & Distribution Software
  • Announcement & Message Box
  • Doctor Request & Approval
  • Chemist Request & Approval
  • Geo fencing
Why Smart Factory ?

Mobile-Based Analysis – Demo Preview

Target Sales Analysis Report with HQ, Product Level View and drill down to Product-wise or Stockist-wise View.

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